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White Truffle Salt

White Truffle Salt 3.2 oz

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Rare Italian White Alba Truffles are used to make our wonderfully aromatic White Truffle Sea Salt. On the nose, its scent is intoxicating and musky with a slight garlicky perfume. On the palate this selection imparts a delicious nutty flavor with notes of shallot that elevates even the simplest dishes to gourmet status. It is delicious with pasta, eggs, vegetables, seafood, and meats. Try it on French fries and popcorn! But be careful. Its flavor is so intense that only a small pinch is needed to season your dish.

Truffles and salt are some of the oldest food items known to humanity.  Truffles first appear in the writings of the ancient Greeks and were believed to have both therapeutic and aphrodisiac qualities.  The 19th century French writer Alexander Dumas wrote that truffles, "Under certain circumstances are able to make a woman more affectionate and a man more passionate." My goodness, is it getting hot in here?  But we have to credit the court of French King Louis the XIV who first combined the rarities of white truffles with sea salt, for which we are forever grateful!

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