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Peppercorns 0.6 oz (Timut Nepalese)

Peppercorns 0.6 oz (Timut Nepalese)

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Timut Peppercorns (sometimes referred to as “Timur Peppercorns”) are a close and rare relative of the Szechuan Peppercorn and originate in Nepal. They are the dried black berry husks from the prickly ash shrub family. Timut Peppercorns have a bright citrusy flavor that is reminiscent of grapefruit, with a slight heat that has a mild numbing effect on the lips and tongue, due to the presence of the chemical compound herculin. Herculin acts on the skin differently than the capsaicin present in hot chile peppers, which produces a burning effect.
Mainly used in Nepalese cooking, Timut Peppercorns are often used in Nepali pickles and chutneys.
In traditional East Asian medicine, the Timut Peppercorn was used to assist with stomach and digestive problems, prepared with garlic and salt with water. It is also thought to have has anti-inflammatory properties, and to stimulate circulation, reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and help reduce high blood pressure.

Ingredients: Timut Peppercorns.

Gluten free. Non-GMO. Kosher.


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