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Vietnamese Saigon Cinnamon

Cinnamon Ground (Vietnamese Mountain) 1.1 oz

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Our Vietnamese Cinnamon is very freshly ground to a fine texture. This imparts an intense cinnamon fragrance and an immediate sugary sweetness followed by little explosions of heat, like nature’s “Pop Rocks”, bursting on your tongue. One whiff of this offering will transport you back in time to your grandmother’s kitchen and her freshly baked cinnamon rolls. 

The ancient Egyptians originally discovered and used cinnamon over 4000 years ago.  In the Middle Ages, Arab traders first introduced cinnamon to Europe and it was the search for cinnamon that drove European global exploration in the 16th century.  Christopher Columbus wrote to Queen Isabella of Spain that he had found the “pais de la cenela” or “cinnamon country”, which of course he hadn’t…….. but we have and are now bringing this fresh Vietnamese Cinnamon to you!


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