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Hickory Smoked Salt

Hickory Smoked Salt 2.5 oz

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Let the sweet, intensely smoky scent of this selection transport you to a hot sunny summer day with meat slathered in barbecue sauce cooking on the grill and your favorite icy cold beverage in hand. Our Hickory Smoked Salt is made using natural, not chemical, smoke flavor and does not disappoint! The flavor is straight on hickory smoke but adds a beguiling complexity to sweet and savory flavors that leaves you wanting more. It’s great stirred into baked beans, chili, cheese dips, or for seasoning homemade sausage, cured meats, or potato chips. It will pair amazingly with your favorite grilling spice rubs and barbecue sauces to lend its unabashed hickory flavor to ribs, pork, and steak. 

The hickory tree is native to the U.S. where over 12 varieties exist and hickory logs or chips were first used by the early settlers of the Appalachian Mountains to create an aromatic and smoky flavor in the foods they prepared. Hickory smoked foods are now popular throughout the American South where hickory is a fairly common wood. The idea of using hickory smoked salt as a separate seasoning grew out of the southern smoking tradition and is now an essential seasoning in classic American barbecue cooking.