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Cloves (organic ground) 1.2 oz

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A gorgeous perfume of sweet, spicy aromas leap to greet you when you first open a container of our freshly ground cloves. On your palate the hot, tingly taste is electric with a numbing finish when held on the tongue. In the U.S., cloves are a wonderful addition to spiced sweet breads, cookies, and studded hams and oranges, but they are also used commonly in Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern cuisine in sweet or spicy dishes. 

The use of cloves was first documented in the Han Dynasty in China (220 BC) when visitors to the court of the King were told to hold cloves in their mouth so that their words would be “sweeter.”   Europeans did not experience cloves until about the fourth century, when the spice arrived on the continent via Arab traders as a luxury item.  Sweeten all your words with these fresh cloves!


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