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Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt

Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt 2.1 oz

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Lightly smoky with a hint of sweet peaches is the scent of our Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt.  On the tongue it has a light and silky salinity with a subtle wood smokiness and a hint of tartness gained from smoking over Chardonnay oak wine barrels. This luxurious selection will elevate the humblest meal to fine gourmet cuisine. Its light yet savory notes pair perfectly with mild foods such as seafood, whitefish, pasta, and sauces but it lends an unforgettable flair to salted caramels and chocolates.

Smoking is one of the oldest known ways of flavoring and preserving foods.  We first learn of smoking as a method of cooking from the ancient Sumerians who smoked fish taken from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in ancient Iraq.  The history of Chardonnay grapes and wine on the other hand can be traced back to medieval France where in 1330 Cistercian monks in the Burgundy region first recorded the planting of Chardonnay vineyards.  Now, we’re not quite sure how smoked salt came to be paired with the flavors of Chardonnay, but we’ve been told they were first combined accidentally when the Chateau du Rivau caught fire during the French revolution burning down the kitchen where bottles of Chardonnay exploded from the heat and flowed over the salt stored in the pantry.  The rest they say is history!


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