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Cardomon Seed

Cardamom (Guatemalan Ground) 1.1 Oz

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Our freshly ground cardamom has the pungent fragrance of eucalyptus with hints of sweet piney notes. Held on your tongue, its eucalyptus intensifies before giving way to a finish that lingers with the flavor of peppery menthol. When used judiciously cardamom imparts an enticing warm spicy or savory flavor to foods like mulled wines, Masala Chai, and Scandinavian dishes such as spice cakes, sweet pastries, and Swedish meatballs. Cardamom is also enjoyed in spicier dishes like East Indian curries after which whole cardamom pods are chewed to cleanse the breath.

 Cardamom was first introduced into Europe by the Vikings who discovered it in the bazaars of Constantinople in what is today Istanbul in modern Turkey.  Cardamom first appeared in a medieval cookbook called Libellus De Arte Coquinaria compiled by the Danish monk Knud Juul and from there spread to the rest of Scandinavia where today they consume the most cardamom in the western world. But you don’t have to travel to Istanbul or Scandinavia to taste this treasured seasoning. We will deliver it directly to your door!


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