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Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt 3.2 oz

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Allow yourself to be seduced by the subtle, yet complex earthy aroma of our black truffle salt. ­­On the palate black truffle salt brings a meaty and earthy flavor to your cooking and adds richness and depth that can be lost in meatless recipes. The musky flavor is less intense than that of white truffle salt and resolves slowly in a mild shallot flavored finish. Try adding this salt just before serving a dish and allow the aroma of truffle on the warm food tantalize your senses. This selection pairs beautifully with egg dishes, risotto, potatoes, cream sauces, meats, as well as marinades for meats or vegetables.

Truffles were known to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt who prized their unique flavor when cooked in goose fat and paired with roasted quail.  Nice!  The culinary taste for truffles first entered ancient Greece and Rome along with early Egyptian traders, and in Medieval Europe pigs and dogs with a keen sense of smell were used to find the rare truffles that graced the tables of the lords and ladies of the Manor. May we offer up this rare seasoning for your table?