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Maldon Smoked Sea Salt (flakes) 4.4 oz

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt (flakes) 4.4 oz

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The mildly savory scent, like homemade chicken stock simmering on your stove top, with a hint of wood fire smoke and astringency belies the sensory delight that awaits you inside these cream and pale caramel beach-colored salt flakes.  Once on the tongue they produce a flavor explosion of smoky, briny saltiness that doesn’t wear out its welcome, but instead subsides rather quickly, enticing you to taste it again and again. The mouthfeel of these large flakes is quite enjoyable when served as a finishing salt on foods of various textures. Their delicate crispness is a joy to crunch on salads and grilled foods but the salt flakes also lend a wonderful mildly salty flavor to any dish. This salt is a timeless treasure! 

Making salt from evaporated sea water has been around since prehistoric times and is first recorded in ancient Buddhist scriptures dating from the 5th century B.C.  The Romans were the first to produce sea salt on an industrial scale to supply their far-flung empire and introduced their techniques to the east coast of England where the many estuaries are well-suited to the evaporation and harvesting of sea salt.  The English town of Maldon is located at the head of the Blackwater Estuary in County Essex England and is home to the Maldon Sea Company that has been hand-crafting its famous sea salts in small batches since 1882, including the extra special smoked sea salt we are bringing to you. It’s a culinary delight for salt gourmets the world over!



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