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Smoky Molasses Rub 3.2 oz

Smoky Molasses Rub 3.2 oz

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Smoky Molasses is hand blended from granulated molasses, demerara sugar, orange, smoked Hickory salt, garlic, onion, chipotle, paprika and red bell pepper.  This blend has a noticeable, yet somewhat subdued sweetness followed by a smooth earthiness from the garlic and onion. 

Smoky Molasses Rub is great for meats of all kinds because it helps tenderize the meat but also helps to seal in the juiciness of the meat because of the caramelization of the molasses sugars forming a crust on the meat.

Try using it on smoked brisket, chicken, ribs, or even a tuna sandwich. Add some to ground burger meat working it in as you shape the meat. Not so into meat? This blend tastes incredible on tofu as well. Mix it in with sour cream for an interesting chip dip, like some of our customers have suggested! Sprinkle on popcorn or use on roasted or grilled veggies for a unique twist of flavor.