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Cuban Mojo Spice Blend 2.6 oz

Cuban Mojo Spice Blend 2.6 oz

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Cuban-style mojo (pronounced “MO-ho”) is one of a number of loosely related sauces and marinades that play significant roles in Hispanic and Caribbean cuisines. These sauces share the use of oil, spice and acidic (usually citrus juice or vinegar) ingredients, although the specific combinations are unique to each culture. The meaning of the word “mojo,” used as a name for these sauces, is often traced back to the Spanish word “mojar,” a verb meaning to make wet, or sometimes to the Portuguese word “molho,” which means sauce.

The classic Cuban style of mojo balances sweet garlic and onion flavors with the spicy heat of chiles and the sharp, almost bitter citrus flavors of Seville oranges. Cuban mojo often contains oregano or other herbs alongside a bit of cooking oil (sometimes olive oil, but any neutral cooking oil) to tie the flavors of the sauce together. It is frequently served as a condiment for fried starchy vegetables like plantains and yucca, or used as a marinade for pork.

Our Cuban Mojo Spice Blend showcases the well-balanced blend of pungent garlic, spicy chilis and citrusy orange flavors that are the signature flavor of Cuban mojo sauce. It's carefully blended from two kinds of garlic, orange peel and habanero chile powder. This dry seasoning blend can be sprinkled over finished foods before serving or used to season raw foods before cooking.