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Vanilla Extract

YIELD: 8 ounces        PREP TIME: 10 min        EXTRACTION TIME: 8 weeks     



  • 5-7 whole vanilla beans
  • 8 ounces of 35%+ alcohol


Take 5-7 whole vanilla beans, split each bean lengthwise and place in bottle. Add 8 ounces of 35%+ alcohol to the bottle and seal. Any type of alcohol can be used, but bottom shelf vodka is most common as it doesn't add additional flavors.

Shake once or twice a week. Wait. After 8 weeks the vast majority of the extraction process is complete.

The vanilla is now ready to use and the vanilla beans can be removed. If the vanilla beans are left in the bottle, the flavor will continue to evolve (just be sure the beans are always submerged in alcohol).


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans