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Hot Mulled Apple Cider

YIELD: 8 servings        PREP TIME: 10 min          COOK TIME: 30-60 min


  • 2 quarts fresh apple cider or apple juice
  • 3 tablespoons mulling spices
  • apple and/or orange slices (optional)
  • rum or brandy to taste (optional)



Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan, bring to boil, then reduce heat to  simmer over low heat for 30-60 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain and serve the mulled cider warm in mugs. Add cinnamon sticks, apple and/or orange slices, rum or brandy before serving as desired.


Featured Spices:

Mulling Spices



Hot mulled cider can be made in a crockpot to be served in a buffet. To do this combine all ingredients in a crockpot except the rum or brandy and heat on high for 1 hour.  Then turn the heat to low while serving. Add rum or brandy as desired.