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French Country Potato Salad

YIELD: 2 servings     PREP TIME: 8 min    COOK TIME: 5 min        



  • 1 pound fingerling potatoes (do not peel)
  • 4 tablespoons Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil
  • 2 tablespoons French Mustard and Herb Blend
  • 4 teaspoons Pinot Noir Wine Vinegar or other white wine vinegar
  • 2 scallions, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons fresh Italian Parsley, chopped
  • Maldon Smoked Sea Salt flakes or kosher salt to taste 
  • Coarsely ground Five Peppercorn Melange to taste


Wash the fingerling potatoes and poke holes in their skins in a few places with a small knife or fork. Place potatoes on a paper towel and microwave on high for 5 minutes.

While potatoes are cooking, combine the balsamic vinegar and French Mustard and Herb Blend. Then slowly whisk in the olive oil.

When the potatoes are finished cooking allow them to cool, then cut them crosswise into ~1/4 inch thick slices. Add the potatoes to the vinaigrette and mix together gently. Toss in the parsley and scallions. Add salt and pepper to taste.



For a richer flavor try substituting our 18 Year Balsamic Vinegar for the Wine Vinegar.


French Mustard and Herb Blend

Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil

Five Peppercorn Melange