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10-Minute Broiled Adobo Whitefish

YIELD: 2 servings                  PREP TIME: 10 minutes



  • 2 fillets of cod or other whitefish, each ~3/4 inch thick (4 oz. each)
  • 4 tablespoons Adobo Seasoning Blend
  • 4 tablespoons Butter Olive Oil



Turn oven broiler on. Rinse the cod fillets and pat dry. Set the cod fillets aside. Prepare Adobo marinade by whisking 4 tablespoons of Adobo Seasoning into 4 tablespoons of Butter Olive Oil. Place cod fillets into a broiler safe baking dish with sides that will allow the yummy juices to accumulate, helping to keep the fish moist. Coat both sides of each fillet with the Adobo Olive Oil marinade. Place baking dish with fish in oven and broil for ~4 minutes, turning the fillets after the top begins to turn a golden brown. Turn the fillets, baste with the remaining Adobo Olive Oil marinade, and continue broiling ~4 more minutes or until the internal temp reaches 145°F.

Remove from boiler and serve with your favorite sauce or lime juice. We love serving it with Mango Salsa!



Adobo Seasoning


Butter Olive Oil