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Midwinter Hygge

The Scandinavians have a unique way of embracing the long, dark winters they have to endure every season.  It’s called hygge (pronounced "hoog-yah".)   This Scandinavian expression is an attitude towards life in the winter months that emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments. Rather than drudge through winter, hygge is about celebrating coziness, warmth, special foods, candle light, warm fires, and family.

We at Spice Your Life are headquartered in Minnesota which has a similar experience of long, dark (and very cold) winters.  We also have the largest population with a Scandinavian heritage in the U.S. with 1.6 million hygge practitioners.  So visit our website at https://spiceyourlife.us/ for some hygge ideas and spicy recipes to lift you out of those “wintertime blues”, but here’s one to start with, Hot Turmeric Saffron Milk:   https://spiceyourlife.us/blogs/recipes