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summer grilling favorites

Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt

Dark with the smoky scent of burned campfire logs, our Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt delivers a seriously smoky flavor without harshness that is counterpointed with a hint of butter on the finish. This is a seriously brooding and intense salt, but used in small portions it will transform your everyday meals. Use it with corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes or cucumbers, grilled seafood, pork, beef, and more.

Hickory Smoked Salt

Let the sweet, intensely smoky scent of this selection transport you to a hot sunny summer day with meat slathered in barbecue sauce cooking on the grill and your favorite icy cold beverage in hand. Our Hickory Smoked Salt is made using natural, not chemical, smoke flavor and does not disappoint! The flavor is straight on hickory smoke but adds a beguiling complexity to sweet and savory flavors that leaves you wanting more. It’s great stirred into baked beans, chili, cheese dips, or for seasoning homemade sausage, cured meats, or potato chips. It will pair amazingly with your favorite grilling spice rubs and barbecue sauces to lend its unabashed hickory flavor to ribs, pork, and steak. 

Smoked Sweet Spanish Paprika

Slowly drying sweet Spanish peppers and then smoking them over smoldering oak fires before stone grinding, produces this sensuously smoky brick colored powder that will delight your taste buds. It is a revelation in crisply spiced potatoes called patatas bravas, seafood, Spanish chorizo, and meat rubs. 

Citrus Herb Salt

Our Citrus Herb Salt beckons you with a nose of rosemary and lavender, reminiscent of a warm evening walk along a path lined with rosemary and lavender bushes as the moon rises over the Italian countryside. On the palate there is a salty minerality followed closely by woodsy, herbal notes and bursts of lemon when biting into the dried lemon bits. This blend will have a stunning effect on the taste of your food and will enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, and egg dishes. To boost your flavors further, spread this salt blend onto your food using a spice grinder.

Celebrate Summer with Outdoor Dining!!!

Watermelon with Lime and Aleppo Pepper

Watermelon with Lime and Aleppo Pepper is an unbelievably easy and delicious summer appetizer that is perfect for your summer BBQ!!!


Buttery Grilled Steak

Buttery Grilled Steak will make you swoon, even if you're not a red meat lover.


Grilled Corn on the Cob with Urfa Biber - Lime Butter

This corn on the cob is a new twist on a summer favorite that you must experience!


Chipotle Lime Grilled Shrimp

Chipotle Lime Grilled Shrimp is a very quick and easy but delicious crowd pleaser for your summer entertaining.


Fattoush Salad with Sumac Dressing

This delicious and light salad is a perfect complement to any Middle Eastern dish.


Grilled Camembert wit Spicy Cranberry Sauce

Start off your dinner party with this deliciously indulgent and rich hors d'oeurve.