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Black Truffle Salt

Allow yourself to be seduced by the subtle, yet complex earthy aroma of our black truffle salt. ­­On the palate black truffle salt brings a meaty and earthy flavor to your cooking and adds richness and depth that can be lost in meatless recipes. The musky flavor is less intense than that of white truffle salt and resolves slowly in a mild shallot flavored finish. Try adding this salt just before serving a dish and allow the aroma of truffle on the warm food tantalize your senses. This selection pairs beautifully with egg dishes, risotto, potatoes, cream sauces, meats, as well as marinades for meats or vegetables. Our Black Truffle Salt on your holiday mashed potatoes will transport you to nirvana. 

Vietnamese Cinnamon

Our Vietnamese Cinnamon imparts an intense cinnamon fragrance and when tasting, an immediate sugary sweetness followed by little explosions of heat, like nature’s “Pop Rocks”, bursting on your tongue. One whiff of this offering will transport you back in time to your grandmother’s kitchen and her freshly baked cinnamon rolls. This spice is the essence of Christmas. 

Mulling Spices

This Mulling Spice blend will fill your home with the cozy, festive aroma of cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, and allspice when you simmer it on your stove in hot apple cider and mulled wine. Add a little brandy or rum to your mulled beverages for extra warmth on those cold, wintery nights! This blend adds the perfect balance of spiciness to your hot winter beverages and cheer to the cold winter days and nights!


When you open a bottle of our freshly ground ginger its spicy perfume tickles your nose followed by the light fragrance of lemon mingling with a soft earthiness. On your tongue this spice is sassy, fiery and just slightly sweet with a complex peppery heat that lingers, not letting you forget the encounter. Ginger lends a savory flavor to Asian stir-fries, rice dishes, and vegetable stews. It is also prized for the delightful flavor it lends to baked goods, candies, cooked and fresh fruit, as well as teas, beer, mulled wine, and soft drinks.

Celebrate with delicious holiday foods!!!

Hot Mulled Cider

Fill your home with the wonderful aroma of mulled cider on cold winter days.


Grilled Camembert with Spicy Cranberry Sauce

Start off your holiday dinner party with this deliciously indulgent and rich hors d'oeurve.


Ras el Hanout and Vanilla Ice Cream

Ras el Hanout and Vanilla ice cream is mildly spicy with a light peppery finish balanced against a creamy vanilla and white chocolate sweetness.READ MORE


Avgolemono Crockpot Soup

Avgolemono (Greek Lemon and Egg) Soup is a delicious first course that will wow your dinner party guests!  


Orange Spiced Hot Toddy

Our Orange Spiced Hot Toddy will warm you and your holiday guests around the warming fire.


Patatas Bravas (Spicy Spanish Potatoes)

Comfort food at its best! When you bite into these potatoes you are greeted by a pleasantly crunchy crust, followed by a soft potato interior that feels almost creamy in your mouth.